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Some of these tips may not be new but maybe just need to be reiterated.  But here's a few things that home seller's SHOULD ALWAYS do!!

1.  Fresh Neutral Paint.  Even if you painted the interior of your home in the past few years, this is a must.  Fresh paint makes the home smell cleaner and makes everything seem fresher and newer.  Unless your home gets absolutely no wear or tear, your walls probably really need it.  It will go a long way in making a great impression to seller's.  A light tan is my choice in paint colors.  White is too sterile.  Colors get to be too personal. No one objects to tan or beige tones.  Try to avoid a tan that has pink undertones however. 

2.  CLEAN, CLEAN, and CLEAN:  You should deep clean your home prior to putting it on the market, and make sure you keep up those small things.  Homes in Utah tend to get very dusty.  Pay particular attention to the baseboards as those tend to be an oversight to homeowners, but not buyer's who are looking.  Go through the house regularly and wipe off little hand prints that may get on walls, door ways and door handles.  Make sure your counters aren't cluttered, and your stove doesn't have grease all over it.  The kitchen and the bathrooms will get the most scrutiny.  The best smell your home can have is the smell of clean.

3.  Get ready to move.  Since you're planning to move anyway, get a head start on the packing.  Pack away everything that you don't absolutely need and doesn't provide value.  Extra books and movies for example can usually be put away for a month or two.  Off season clothing is another example.  Although you don't want your home to be sparse, you don't want it overcrowded and cluttered. 

4. Depersonalize.  A buyer has a difficult imagining themselves moving into your home when your family photos are staring them down.  They want to think about the memories they will make there, not feel like they're taking over your memories.  It's important that buyer's connect with the home, not the family.  Family photos and personal mail and magnets on the fridge all take away the attention from the home.  Remove used towels and small area rugs in bathroom and kitchen and put up only fresh clean towels and no rugs to make the buyer feel like this is a model home.  The small things go a long way.

5. Don't neglect the exterior.  If your home has cracked or chipping paint, fix it.  If the house is dirty, pressure wash it.  Hang a nice wreath on the front door and a welcome mat,  but don't overdo the entryway. If the front door is worn, give it a fresh coat of paint.  Give it a color that will help your home stand out and "pop".  A white home or red brick looks great with black accents on the door and shutters.  Beige or white homes also look great with red (not burgundy) to give it that touch of class.  If it's a season other than winter, have pretty flowers planted out front that are in bloom and make sure the lawn is well groomed.  

These are some of the things that every home seller can do.  For a more detailed report and more specific ideas on how you can make your home stand out above the rest, contact an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) for a consultation.

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