6 Sources for custom wallpaper printing and a starting place for creating it

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Vintage Wallpaper imageThis vintage wallpaper photo is provided by Anne Norman via flickr.com.

Making your home your own includes decorating it to your taste. A fun way of expressing your artistic vision when you are not a painter, is to design what you want on a computer, and get it printed. Why print your photos at 4" x 6" when wall size is now possible! There are a lot of nuances to succeeding at this. If you are going to use a photo, then the more megapixels your camera captures, then the less blurry your image will be when you blow it up.

First you need an image.

  • Take a photo yourself.
  • Download a photo from flickr
  • Design your own pattern or image with free Inkscape or free Gimp
Next you need to order your custom wallpaper. Here are six providers:
  1. DesignYourWall
  2. Murals Your Way
  3. MegaPrint
  4. Great Wall Online
  5. Rollout
  6. shop 4 wallpaper
Another option is tiling lots of small sheets of paper together. You can do this in black and white on your own laser printer, or in color if you can afford all that toner or ink!
The downside to this idea, is wallpaper and highly individual decorating schemes are not a good idea in most cases for getting your home ready to sell. Use these ideas for yourself since you are going to live there. If you have plans to sell soon, then talk to me about getting a professional staging consultation. If your house is for sale, you need to think of it as a product, and no longer your home. This will help you get top dollar, and in a slow market this can be essential to get noticed. Professional staging does not have to be expensive. In some cases when our sellers and the homes they want to sell meet certain criteria, we will pay for an expert professional staging plan. Then that plan can be used as a roadmap, or the stager can be hired to implement the plan.

If anyone does create a custom wall, I would like to see it. Send me a photo with uSend.io

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Maggie Baumbach
Search Homes for Sale in Maryland at HelpShop.com - Reisterstown, MD

I love the vintage botanicals on the wall paper.  Maybe it would be great for the mudroom?

Nov 19, 2008 05:50 AM