Good News for Albuquerque's Housing Market

Real Estate Agent with Earth Origins Realty

These days when anytime a person hears the word "economy" it is never followed with a feel-good response.  Growth and economy are never heard in the same sentence (unless it is something like "the US (or global) economy is experiencing fast, negative, rock bottom declining growth." 

So I was happy to open up an email sent out by  the Realtors Association of New Mexico Online News this morning to read that Housing Predictor forcasts the Albuquerque real estate housing market shows promise of stabilty, dependabilty, and maybe? even slight growth!  The city of Albuquerque has avoided the subprime crisis and our economy is marked with healthy growth potential. 

News like this is like taking a shot of coffee or wheat grass (for the truly smart health-inclined), to get one's energy, hope, and thoughts of possibility going.  Let's start investing in a Green Economic Revolution and kick start a truly healthy economy across the globe.  (And maybe sell some houses at the same time too!)


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