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Writing Your Goals

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Like many of you, I have heard over the years how important it is to write your goals.  I've done it several times.  Looking back, it amazes me how much more successful I've been during the times I've actually written my goals down.  I think we all have some idea of what our goals are...somewhere in the recesses of our mind we "think" we know what we want.  Over the past few weeks I've been very introspective about my goals.  I've actually taken the time to write them down and make sure I keep them in focus.

Like me, I'm sure most of you have read or heard the steps to follow in writing your goals.  While what I'm sharing certainly isn't new, it might be helpful to see what I did.  Again, it's really nothing new, but I think we all need to be reminded at times to help us focus on our ambitions.

I started with a master list...anything I could think of as a goal.  It was comprised of pretty typical things.  Walk closer with God, make more money, have more time for my family, have more time for myself.  I really let myself go and wrote down everything I could think of.  When I finished this "master" list, I spent time thinking about each one of them.  I asked myself it that goal was really something I wanted, or just something to throw on paper.  It kind of surprised me as I whittled the list down.  I didn't really want all the things I thought I did.  I ended up with 12 goals.

Next, I did all the things with those goals we're told to do "by the experts'.  I wrote them in the positive, I wrote them as if I had already acheived them.  I was very specific and made sure they were constantly in view (at work, in my car and at home).  I even went into my e-mail and set the goals up as a reminder that showed up everymorning as soon as I turned on my computer.  I really wanted them visible.

With that accomplished, I took my next step.  I set up a set of very short term goals for each of the 12 goals on my master list.  Again, I started by writing down everything I could think of to make sure I acheived the master goals.  I then went to work paring down the short term goals.  I made sure that each of the short term goals were attainable and viable to the main goal.  I was very specific.  It really helped me to break down my big goals into small incremental steps.  The sense of achievement as I've been able to check off some of the short term goals has been incredible!

The last thing I did was to promise myself I would spend just a couple of minutes each night reflecting on my goals.  I ask myself a couple of questions.  Was my time today productive in striving to achieve my goals?  Did I do my very best with every conversation I had today to try to be uplifting to the person to whom I was speaking?  Like I said, it only takes a couple of minutes and it has really helped me to stay more focused.  The main thing though is the sense of peace I have as I go to sleep every night.  It truly has helped me to be more focused, more positive and more energized.