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Buyers like to believe they are getting more than they are paying for.  So as a seller, you have to know how to get that feeling across to your buyer when they are deciding between purchasing your home and another home that is very similar to yours.  Here are some ways that I have increased the perceived value of homes I have listed in a very crowded market.  If you would like to know how I can do that for you, give me a call at 202-528-3942.

1)  I had a client who took pride in her hardwood floors, and she wanted visitors to remove their shoes when they viewed her home.  I went to a medical supply store and got those shoe covers that doctors and nurses use for those visitors who were uncomfortable with taking their shoes off.  You wouldn't believe the reaction. The floors were already gorgeous, but that little requirement let them know that they were seeing and stepping on something special.

2) I make videos of homes I list no matter the list price. I don't think videos are just for million dollar homes, and I don't think that 45 seconds is enough to show a house.  I do videos from 3-8 minutes long. I want my videos to be like real showings.  I go room by room and list the features so that they feel like they are really saving themselves some time by looking online.  They get to know the house, and if there is another home on the market (these days it could be next door), they are more likely to go with what they know. By the time they are finished watching one of my videos, they KNOW the house. They also wonder, "why does THIS house have a video, and that one doesn't? This house must be more important!" 

I also play the video of the home during open houses.  The reaction of buyers is priceless! They really appreciate that you and your agent took the time to educate them about the house. I'll bet all things being equal, buyers buy your home first when your agent emphasizes these details.

3) I make sure there is a display on the counter in the kitchen or on the dining room table.  Buyers want to see that you knew they were coming and that you were prepared for their visit.

4) I use the talking house system (see video about how to make your house talk by clicking here.).  Buyers can drive by the property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and hear me talk about the property.  They can't do that to the house next door, and that makes your home seem more valuable than the next one.

5) I make sure that all eligible homes that I list have an HMS warranty.  How do I make sure? I pay for it! Buyers like the security of knowing that even though they love the house and don't anticipate anything going wrong, if it does, they can get it fixed.  That is very valuable to the buyer who is not so handy and the buyer who wants to know their investment is protected.  Watch my video about the HMS Warranty and Preparing for the Buyer's Eye by clicking here!

There are so many ways to increase the perceived value of your home.  Call me today at 202-528-3942 or email me at so that we can talk about selling your home!

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