The Bailout-Truly ABSURD!!!

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Don't have all the answers, but want to agree that this is totally absurd and ridiculous. More later!

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absurd;    ridiculous

That's a good fit to describe the bailout.

I'd just like to share a few Tasty Tibits from CNNMoney's "Special Report,"

Bailout:Will it Work?

Just my opinion, but we should have known THIS before we passed a $700 Billion piece of legislation, don't you think?

Get this;

"Financial institutions have become paralyzed with fear and though they have plenty of cash on hand, they have been hoarding it."

This comment makes me very angry. Haven't the media outlets been reporting that the banks were going to fail and they were all broke. Now it's they have "plenty of cash on hand," so why are we giving them more?

I just want to scream!!!!!

"Treasury Secretary Paulson has up to 45 days to devise a plan to purchase the assets."

There it is, there currently is NO plan!

If this had been reported before the vote(s) do you think it would have passed? Think about it, 45 days just to devise the plan. We were told this is urgent, but apparently not.

"The plan did little to allay the fears in the stock market, which sold off once the House approved the bill."

I guess that speaks for itself!

I feel like we've been duped, deceived, conned!!!

And before someone comments, "that I obviously appear to be frustrated over this," please spare me, because I'm not frustrated, I'm;

"Pissed off!"

ps; excuse the choice of terms, "pissed off," but nothing else seemed to express it properly!


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