Showing real estate on fall afternoon

Real Estate Agent with Melody L Anderson

A drive down a lake road in Camdenton, Missouri 

Fall is a favorite season of mine, and drives down quiet lake roads like this one easily show one of the reasons why.  Although the colors this fall weren't as particularly vibrant as usual, there's still such a a beauty to them - particularly in the light of an afternoon sun.

But the beauty of Fall isn't all about the colors.  There's also a kind of quietness that comes along with the season that is so welcomed by me - particularly on the heels of a very active and busy summer.  And as much as I love the summer green, I love looking at the night-time sky through the bare limbs of the trees.

Fortunately for me, my clients were as taken by the beauty of this sight as I was, and we all took a moment out of the car to appreciate it a bit.

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