Real Estate Market Slumps, Showhomes Soars

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Real Estate Market Slumps, Showhomes Soars

11.19.08, 06:08 PM EST


The housing market is at an all-time low. Consumer confidence has plumetted. Sales are down in almost every industry and one company after another is laying off employees. Is any business immune to the downturn in the economy?

Showhomes, a nationally franchised home staging company based in Nashville, believes it is.

Since 1986, Showhomes has provided home staging services to over 25,000 homeowners of vacant homes for sale. Like many companies in the real estate industry, Showhomes posted huge gains in the housing boom. In 2004, at the height of the boom, Showhomes helped homeowners and their Realtors sell hundreds of homes faster and for higher prices. This success fueled two years of double-digit growth throughout the boom.

Unlike most companies in the real estate industry, Showhomes is experiencing double digit growth in the housing slump. Vacant houses, difficult to sell in the boom, are more in need of the home staging services Showhomes provides. With record numbers of vacant houses for sale on the market, Showhomes is in an enviable market position to provide much needed staging services nationwide. This year, Showhomes expects to post the second year of record growth in the sagging real estate market. When few homes are selling, homes staged by Showhomes are selling at brisk rates and in many markets; homes staged by Showhomes are selling in a fraction of the time most homes take to sell.

Sales success in the housing slump has fueled the sales of Showhomes franchises and the company expects to open double the twelve units it projected at the beginning of 2008. Buyers seeking business models that have a solid track record in both up and down markets are finding that Showhomes provides a 'recession resistant' business model unique in the world of franchising. Showhomes expects to keep expanding its franchise system from 40 units open in 2008 to 80 open in 2009.

About Showhomes

Showhomes - known as America's largest home staging company - began its operations in 1986 and started franchising in 1994. It currently has 36 franchises in 22 states. Showhomes has helped realtors and homeowners sell more than 25,000 homes worth more than $8 billion across the United States by transforming high-end vacant houses into valuable, staged homes. The Showhomes business model is based on the fact that staged homes kept in show-to-sell condition sell faster, and for higher prices, than vacant houses. For franchise opportunities, please visit

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Showhomes Franchise Corporation Matt Kelton, 615-292-0892 x102 Chief Operating Officer

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Michelle Finnamore
Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket - Vaughan, ON
Preparing your property for sale

Excellent article and you have the credentials to back it up. It's a great idea whose time is now. Properties listed in the current market need exceptional marketing and your franchise achieves numbers to be proud of.

Nov 20, 2008 05:51 AM
Home Staging
Showhomes - Nashville, TN

Thanks, Michelle! Your comments are most welcome. Hopefully, there is room for us all to grow in this market!

Nov 20, 2008 06:37 AM