How to Sell Your Home Faster and for More Money! Room by Room Analysis.

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX of Nanaimo

The Bathrooms: Wise sellers take special pains when preparing their bathrooms for scrutiny by strangers. The bathroom is a room and a very personal one. Prospects will inspect yours carefully, so be sure it is immaculate. Cleanliness is the key! Make sure that all surfaces are spotless.

•            80. Replace worn or dirty shower curtains, clean and repair caulking, and remove nonskid bath decals that are in poor condition.

•            81. Clear off countertops and store all personal care products out of sight.

•            82. Repair any faucets that leak or do not function properly. Clean off mineral deposits with vinegar or commercial products.

•            83. Clean and organize all cabinets and drawers. Don't forget the medicine cabinet and: the storage cabinet under the sink: dispose of old items and polish the shelves.

•            84. Remember to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Play down dominant colors with contrasting neutral colored towels and accessories. If your bathroom is mostly white or neutral, add a few cheerful accents of color. Don't hesitate to buy a few new towels and a rug ... you'll be taking them with you to your new home.

•            85. Scrub and wax an old floor. Cover the largest area you can with a freshly washed scatter rug.

•            86. Decorate and personalize to create a pleasing, individual look. Consider bringing out your best towels and perfumed guest soaps. Add a plant for color and freshness.

•            87. A gentle hint of fragrance in the air is fine, buy keep it subtle.

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