12 Days before Christmas

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Lubbock Homes

My family has enjoyed a tradition for many years.  We call it the 12 days of Christmas.  We select a person, or persons (one year we had 6). to give them the 12 days before Christmas.  I print out the song, change the words to rhyme with the gift we got for them and wrap them all in Christmas paper.  

Example the first day is a can a "Pears" and Day 5 is always 5 golden rings, We always get glazed dough nuts.  Some times we know the persons favorite things, other times is a guess, or get something we like.  I usually go to the dollar store for about 1/2 the stuff.  And we never tell the person who is giving them the gift, until Christmas morning.  I know that my friends have really enjoyed this almost as much as my family. 

Last year some one did it for ME!  I could not believe it.  Only thing was the gifts were Petty nice.  I got 3 storage boxes filled with candy on the 3 day, and 5 pairs for gold earings on day five.  Be No one could have been more surprised on Day 12 when I found out it was my sweet Husband , and he had picked out everything himself!  I think that he had as much fun as I did, keeping the secret. At this special time of year let us think of all the blessing we have and not dwell on the bad.   Our freedom to live in this country is a blessing in itself.

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