Free vs. Paid Foreclosure Listings

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Foreclosures are a great deal, right?  Not always.  A great property at a great price is a great deal.

The differences between free and paid foreclosure listings extend beyond the money invested to get "the list".  There are such deep levels of frustration with nearly everyone for the time wasted researching foreclosure properties for sale.  The foreclosure lists that you pay for sometimes have information that is out of date by weeks (sometimes months).  You kick yourself and think "I just paid money to know that a house that was bank owned actually closed eight months ago!"  That's not time or money well spent. 

Up to date foreclosures listings are invaluable to me, my clients, and my realtor partners, as there are some terrific deals to be had.  The out of date foreclosure listings issue became such a frustrating point for many of us in the real estate community that something had to be done.   

A terrific solution was recently born. has developed a nationwide network of foreclosures: Florida to Washington, Virginia to California.  The best of both worlds are now available in one spot: up to date foreclosure listings that are FREE!  And who says there isn't great value in some things that are free? 

Just go to and start searching for your next real estate bargain!

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Melanie Thompson, Registered Mortgage Advisor
Lynchburg, Virginia

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