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Ghosts of Christmas Past...

Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker, RPM

Did you ever stop and wonder where all the thousands of faces that we have come into contact with throughout our lives are? What happened to all the people we've met over the years? 

Hundreds of people we knew in school as kids, in college, when we were young and first starting out.  Where are they now?  We remain in contact with just a few...make friends with new people as the years come and go.  And in real estate, we are truly blessed to meet scores of new people every year. 

I wonder, are they happy?  Did they get married and have 2.5 kids, get a dog and a little house with a white picket fence?  Did they land the job of their dreams?  Did they ever figure out what they wanted to do when they "grew up"? (I envy those people) Did they:  join the Peace Corps?  Rob a bank?  Head up a rock band?  Play pro football?  Become a preacher?  Cure a disease?  Get married and divorced?  Did they die?  Did they struggle with some horrible illness? 

I pray for those people that have had tragedy and heartache.  I pray for those that had love and lost it.  I pray for those who are sick and hurting right now. I pray they can all somehow have a warm holiday season, and a warm CHRISTmas time. 

God bless all of them.