Texas Tech 10-0

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Lubbock Homes

I have lived in Lubbock for 25 years, coming from Calif, baseball was the chosen sport of my family.  We were avid LA Dodger fans,  we pay, enjoyed a game,  and went home.  I remember the foot long hot dogs, my dad having a beer, and PEANUTS...Yes lots of Peanuts!  We raised our family in a Lubbock Texas a collage town.  Home of the Red Raiders,and Texas Tech, never did I think that every Friday during football season I would dig through my closet to find the Red & Black clothing, just to fit in with the croud. I mean this town goes crazy.  Every bank employee, grocery store worker even Realtors-yes, Realtors wear Red & Black. Flags fly in front of nearly every store in town and its a big town- over 200,000 people.  This year has been even more exciting since the Red Raiders are actually winning.  I've had calls from my Brother in Calif, old friends that have moved away and even heard comments when I wrote a check in New Mexico last week.  We have 4 more games and with a little luck maybe the World will know where Lubbock is!  Even if its only the Football fans!

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