Turn That Song OFF: Achy Breaky Heart is giving me a MIGRAINE!

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Turn That SONG Off!!!

Have you ever heard a song that just instantly irritated every fragment of your being?  I have that feeling every time I hear Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. IIrritated am not in any way a Country music fan, but I do have a few people I can stand to listen to, but Billy Ray has got to go!  Consider anything b y Billy Ray Cyrus....especially that song...un-inspired for ME!

I consider myself eclectic when it comes to music.

Merriam-Webster On line Dictionary:


1: selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles  2: composed of elements drawn from various sources ; also : heterogeneous  

I like almost everything: Rock, Jazz, R & B, Hip Hop, Pop,  you name it I probably listen it to it except for Country.  I have a few people like Faith Hill I can stand, George Straight, Garth Brook's Thunder Rolls and Thank God For Unanswered Prayers, etc...but overall Country is just not my forte.  

But Achy Breaky Heart takes the cake for me!  I cannot stand hearing that song and I cringe every time I do.  When I was in high school some guy was singing it...rather loudly I might add....on the bus ride road home!  Talk about irritating.  As far as I am concerned I NEVER want to hear that song again.

I was tortured as a child...many long agonizing years.  My parents only listen to Country music and the Oldies.   We agreed that as long as us kids were in the house to listen to the Oldies.  I would rather go to school singing "My boyfriend's back and your gonna be in trouble...Hey la, hey la, my boyfriend's back", than Achy Breaky Heart.  You see, I love music.  I am always listening to music...at work, on the computer, driving...all of the time.  When I am not listening to music, I'm singing it.  I often drive everyone around me crazy because of you say anything at all I instantly start singing a song with the word in it.  I'm like those singing stone heads in Haunted House.

When I read the email from Jason Crouch on this contest...I had barely read the part about a song that irritates you....and I just knew...ACHY BREAKY HEART!  Turn that SONG OFF doesn't quite cut it for this song....more like turn that NOISE OFF!!

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Turn That Song OFF: Achy Breaky Heart is giving me a MIGRAINE!

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Comments (27)

Chastity Guevara
Camelot's Quest Realty - Casa Grande, AZ

Trunda- That's OK...I figured there had to be someone out that likes the song...as long as I don't have to listen it to I'm OK.

Nov 21, 2008 01:34 AM
Chris Ann Cleland
Long and Foster Real Estate - Gainesville, VA
Associate Broker, Bristow, VA

Chastity:  I worked as a manager for a Sam Goody store in my college days.  There was this hideous machine in the rear of the store that played fragments of songs to give customers a sample of a song from about twenty or so new albums.  To this day, if I am listening to one of those songs, and that fragment that was played over and over comes on, I cringe.  Takes me right back to the record store.

Nov 21, 2008 02:06 AM
Scott Geary
Infinity Home Mortgage Company Inc - Allentown, PA
Your Pennsylvania Mortgage Source

WOW Billy Rays signature tune is getting a ton of mention in this contest. It can only mean that this may be one of the most pathetic one hit wonders of all time! Nicely done.

Nov 21, 2008 06:39 AM
Laura Cerrano
Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island - Locust Valley, NY
Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher

Chastity, I can't help it, I like almost ALL music.  As long as music is playing, I'm a happy person!

Nov 21, 2008 01:17 PM
Liz Moras Migic
Chilliwack, BC
Chilliwack, British Columbia - Realtor

i love achey breaky heart!  it makes me laugh and puts a bounce in my step! lol

Nov 21, 2008 03:53 PM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Las Vegas, NV

Chastity - I will have to agree with you, this song will drive you crazy!

Nov 21, 2008 05:38 PM
Chastity Guevara
Camelot's Quest Realty - Casa Grande, AZ
Scott - LOL...must be.
Nov 21, 2008 11:56 PM
Chastity Guevara
Camelot's Quest Realty - Casa Grande, AZ
Carole - I am pretty much that way to, but every once in a while something will come on that just instantly irritates and this song is one of them.
Nov 21, 2008 11:57 PM
Chastity Guevara
Camelot's Quest Realty - Casa Grande, AZ
Chris Ann - I'll bet. I get cringes on some of my favorite songs I have stored for contacts in my cell phone because I hear them played so much.
Nov 21, 2008 11:58 PM
Chastity Guevara
Camelot's Quest Realty - Casa Grande, AZ
Liz - LOL...Iguess to each his own...that's what makes the world a great place.
Nov 21, 2008 11:59 PM
Chastity Guevara
Camelot's Quest Realty - Casa Grande, AZ
Robert - Just writing this post crazy....that song is still stuck in my head!
Nov 21, 2008 11:59 PM
Leesa Finley
RED Properties - Wake Forest, NC
RED Properties - Raleigh NC Real Estate
Oh, come on - you know you secretly just want to break out in a line dance with it! HAHA - Thanks - I'll be humming that song all day now!
Nov 22, 2008 12:11 AM
Tracy Miller
Canton, MS
S. S. Specialist

Chastity, you are just too funny.  So Achy Breaky Heart is painful for you to listen to?  I never heard the song before, but now I'm really curious.  I'm gonna visit Youtube.com to see if I can find Billy Ray performing it and to see just how painful it gets.

Nov 22, 2008 07:52 AM
Kent Simpson
Realty One Group Mountain Desert - Tucson, AZ
Real Estate Is About People

Man oh man, Chastity - now I'll have nightmares about his daughter doing a remake of that song!

Nov 22, 2008 03:03 PM
James Wexler
wexzilla.com - Scottsdale, AZ

He may not be able to sing, but his daughther is the most popular girl in the world with teenage girls AND boys...

Nov 23, 2008 02:07 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Las Vegas, NV

Chastity - Maybe I will copy this song on CD and mail it to you, (just kidding)!

"Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family"

Nov 26, 2008 10:07 AM
Marlene Pellegrini
Norwich, CT

Chasity, That song is annoying.  Look at Billy Ray now, his daughter is the most popular teen ever.  My kids know all her songs and watch her show faithfully.  He is on her show also... he plays her dad (if you are not aware).

I wish you the very happiest Thanksgiving.  Thank you for all of your kind comments on my posts.  Your support is much appreciated.

Nov 26, 2008 10:21 AM
Marianne Snygg
ERA Herman Group Real Estate - Monument, CO

Contest? I'm missing something. However, about the song...my kids like to watch Hananah Montana...guess who thinks he can act??? Sometimes he sings too. Ug. Did you ever catch his MC job on one of those reality shows? Hm. I can't imagine that you'd make anyone angry disin' that song.

Dec 06, 2008 01:12 PM
Liz Moras Migic
Chilliwack, BC
Chilliwack, British Columbia - Realtor

Hey chastity you're gone again! Come on back -we miss you!

Apr 29, 2009 01:29 PM
Chastity Guevara
Camelot's Quest Realty - Casa Grande, AZ

Hi Liz - I'm not gone really...just extremely busy with my new business.  I promise to start posting again soon.  I miss you guys.

May 05, 2009 06:43 AM