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  Tips for finding a job in Tough markets:

Finding a job during tough economic times doesn't have to be tough...if you know which strategies work. Here are some tips for beating the odds:

Take Networking to the Next Level: Networking is always a great job strategy, but in the current economic climate, you need to go a step beyond letting your contacts know you are looking for a job, since many other people may be doing the same thing. Instead, develop a compelling business idea for your field or the field you would like to enter. Then, when you call or email your contacts, let them know you are researching your idea and would like to meet with industry insiders to discuss its viability. With this strategy, people will see you as someone with something to offer them, rather than as someone who needs something. And if the people you meet with like your idea, your meetings could lead to a job offer even though you never asked for a job.

Focus on Sectors That Are Hiring: No matter what industry your background is in, the skills or experience you possess may qualify you for a position in a new field. For instance, sales and customer relations are skills needed in a variety of industries. To begin, make a list of your experiences and skills that could help you find a job in a sector that is currently hiring. Then, gear your resume and cover letter to focus on these particular skills and experiences.

Aim for Your Dream Job: Many job seekers begin to panic and apply for any job that's available. This is a mistake for several reasons. First, passion and enthusiasm are your best weapons for succeeding in your job search. Employers can tell the difference between someone who really wants to work for them...and someone who will take any job. Second, when you are focused on finding a specific job versus any job, you make it easier for friends and colleagues to help you because they will have a clearer idea of who they could contact for you. Third, if you're in the middle of a job transition, why not use the opportunity to enter the profession you have always wanted to try?

Be Creative About How You Start: During tough markets, many businesses are hesitant to add new employees and increase their level of fixed costs. You can offer to begin as an independent contractor for a period of time before receiving a review and possibly a future permanent job. This would give you a chance to earn an income while demonstrating your skills and value to the company. In turn, it lets the company evaluate your performance in a less costly way, because you would not receive benefits during this time; and with less risk for the company than having to make the decision to hire a permanent employee. You could also volunteer your way to a paid job. Many nonprofit organizations have powerful executives on their boards. By demonstrating your skills and work ethic as a volunteer, you could meet important connections that could lead to your next position.

The bottom line is this: Losing a job is tough during any market, but finding a job doesn't have to be tough when you are willing to be creative and use strategies that work!


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