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The most popular remodeling project in homes today is kitchen remodeling.  The kitchen has become the room that the family spends a lot of time.  The type of countertop is the first thing to consider in remodeling the kitchen.  There are many types of surfaces, granite, marble, or synthetic.  The choice of granite is become a growing trend.


Looks-Beauty and Elegance:

Granite is a beautiful and elegant stone.  It is available in many stylish colors and finishes, which makes it easy to coordinate with your kitchen design or layout.  The natural character of granite creates exquisite aesthetics for your kitchen


Textures-Rich and Elegant:

Granite slabs are formed by removing large blocks from the quarries, which unlike tiles have fewer cuts and scratches for converting the stone into slabs.

Subsequently, granite countertops make for a uniform, surface that is cut and polished to the customer's specifications


Strength and Durability:

Granite stone has a hard and durable surface.  It is not easily chipped or cracked and can endure extreme temperatures.  With these qualities, granite becomes an excellent choice for countertops, being resistant to liquids, stains, and hot objects.  Granite slab requires minimum maintenance for lasting beauty and style for years to come.


Return on Investment:

Granite countertops are expensive, compared to those of synthetic materials, however, their elegance and durability make for a great investment, adding value to your home and a satisfying return on your investment should you sell the house in the future.


 This article was written by Charlie Thiede, owner of Rock Tops Granite, the leading granite and marble countertop fabricators in the US.  Rock Tops technology is what makes them unique from other companies.  With computer numerically controlled (CNC) stone processing equipment, they get a perfectly cut and polished edge on every countertop.  Rock Tops Granite serves the following areas in Missouri:  St. Louis County, Maryland Heights, Florissant, Ferguson, St. Ann, Overland, Chesterfield, Ballwin, Kirkwood, Wildwood, Fenton, Eureka and neighboring cities and communities Visit their website at  to locate a showroom and learn more.


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