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St. Louis, MO Chooses Rock Tops Granite for Style and Grace in the Kitchen

Home Builder with Rock Tops Granite

Granite makes an intriguing statement in a Kitchen, whether a smooth or mirrored finish, curved corners or intricate edge details, granite is assured to complement any kitchen design or layout.  Granite's durability causes it to be resistant to water, stains, even heat; causing it to be able to handle any kitchen chores. 

When making your choice of granite to install in your kitchen, you will want to consider colors and veining.  It is the degree of veining that influences the durable qualities of the countertop.  Your fabricator / installer will guide you in also choosing the right type of counter to complement your cabinetry.  If you want to make an aesthetic statement in your kitchen, granite is the choice to make.   

When considering cost, granite (from slab) will typically be more expensive than laminate or such, however, to reduce the cost, consider a simple four inch backsplash and a self-rimming sink cutout, or use granite tiles for the backsplash. 

This article was written by Charlie Thiede, owner of Rock Tops Granite, the leading granite and marble countertop fabricators in the US.  Rock Tops technology sets them apart from other companies.  With computer numerically controlled (CNC) stone processing equipment, they get a perfectly cut and polished edge on every countertop.  Artfully merging the latest technology with old world stone craftsmanship, http://www.rockgtopsgranite.com  is the expert at creating quality granite and marble countertops which they professionally install.