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The cold weather came way too fast this year.  Of course I say that every year and will probably say the same thing when summer comes.  But I decided it was time to winterize the house.  Not really winterize but weatherize, to save money on heating bills.  So I went around and checked the weather stripping around the outside doors.  Looks like the cat tore it up trying to get back in.    Item 1 for my trip to Lowes.  Then there are the outlets.  Nobody really thinks of them as a way for cold air to get in.  I found these really cool inserts for my outlets that are on outside walls.  They block the cold air from coming in, plus with outlet plugs are really keep the cold out.  (plus you baby proof at the same time)  I dragged the space heater down from the shelf in the garage and set that up in the room that we use the most (the family room).  This way when we are home and in the family room we can trun on the space heater and warm up the room we are in and not the whole house.

We had the Chimney Sweep out last week to clean the fireplace chimney so that we can use the fire place for heat too.  A cord of firewood is probably cheaper  than heating oil and a great suppliment on those really cold nights.  I also had the furnace checked (the winter once over) just for safe keeping.   According to the Farmers Almamac we are in for a cold winter this year.  So hopefully we can use these and other ideas to keep warm. 



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