Tangerine Crossing - Marana, Arizona

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Enchanting Vistas at Tangerine Crossing in Marana, Arizona
Tortolita Mountains Seen From Tangerine Crossing At Sunset

On Wednesday I got a phone call from a person in Florida, asking me about availability of a specific floor plan in a particular neighborhood in the Northwest area of the Tucson Metro (Oro Valley/Marana).  The name of the subdivision rang a bell, but a faint one..."need to get specifics here," common sense told me.

Having not been up in that area with homes in mind for a few months, the idea of driving over to see what was going on with new construction in general seemed like a good idea to make best use of the time. Homes Finished & Under Construction With Tortolita Mountains In Background

Turns out, the subdivision in question is built out...a lot or two are available for custom building, but the specific floor plan my customer was asking for is gone like ice cream in August (unless there's one on the resale market).  Since she had expressed a real feeling for the area, I decided to explore with open eyes:  the last time I had looked at the opportunities here, it was in the early afternoon in the middle of summer...definitely not the most optimum time of year (or day!) to get out of the air conditioned environs of my vehicle & really take a good look.

View of Pusch Ridge & Catalina Mountains to the east of Tangerine CrossingWhat awaited me was the chance to enjoy the splendor of a Tucson sunset, with the backdrops of the Tortolita and Catalina Mountains showing their majesty with the light changes of the setting sun.

As most of you know from following this blog, enjoying nature's beauty is something that is rooted deep into my core.  Without taking time to drink in the special qualities of my surroundings, my soul feels neglected and I start to get cranky without realizing it.

Perhaps it was the mood I was in because of the spectacular sunset this day, maybe it is because I had no expectations on this trip to the area, but I saw the development with new eyes on Wednesday.  Chatting with the site agent, Angie Wild, about the development was relaxed and easy.  Neither one of us was too concerned with the list of specifics about each home, nor did we talk upgrade packages or decorative schemes...this was a time to see what The Development was like.  What makes IT different from the next chunk of tract homes?

Learning that this subdivision is surrounded by a boundary zone of natural vegetation 1000 feet wide, with state land its neighbor for a good portion of the perimeter notched itself into my brain - that's something you don't find all the time.Saguaro cactus in natural  

Tile, granite, travertine...you can have those things anywhere, anytime...but a view and some open space are gifts of location.  Playground at Tangerine Crossing with Tortolita Mountains in the background at sunset.Parks & playgrounds are standard fare, but to take pictures of the kids being kids with a stunning backdrop behind is special.

I don't know if I will ever represent someone who wants to buy a home in Tangerine Crossing, but hope so someday...the area makes me feel good, and being able to have a business reason to spend some more time up there is fine by me!

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View down the street in Tangerine Crossing with mountains as a backdrop for homes

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