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This was an actual headline on CNN Money this morning. That's it - If it's on CNN Money I know it's for real. It's going to happen. Alright - they used it as a lead-in just like I am. It looks like some survivalist blog posts are pushing their idea of a MAD MAX type of future within a few years. Some are pro-Obama and some are anti-Obama. The one underlying theme is gloom and doom. I do believe that our approach should be from the positive perspective. Yes I know my Bible and I can see that things sure look difficult at the end but do I live my life in a gloom and doom cloud? Not at all. As professional Realtors we know the way the market fluctuates. Some have been around for a long time and have rode the waves in the past. So how do we respond?

1. Be positive.( Not Pollyanna )     Show the history of the numbers. What is the potential.

2. Be honest.     Show the upside and downside of the sale.

3. Know how to overcome objectives. Again the numbers from the past really help.

4. It's their decision. Your goal is to gain trust, to establish a relationship. Your goal isn't to win.


The most efficient way to get someone out of the gloom and doom mode is by the facts. For long term doom and gloomers (Eeyore syndrome )I believe it's possible through prayer.



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Mother Lode
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Real Estate Master

I like the analogy at the end using Eeyore. Do you think he, Pooh, Tigger and Rabbit stand for the four personality types of, let's say, loan officers? Which one are you? Have a good weekend. :)

Nov 21, 2008 08:57 AM