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I was wondering if the tough times will force unethical agents out of the business, or if they will go even farther to the dark side justified by their need for the dollar?

So, I called an agent and scheduled a rental showing at Harbour Oaks in Palm Beach Gardens Florida and explained to her that I was looking for a showing around 4:00pm because another agent was doing an open house  until 5:00 and that I would show hers first and then the other agents becuase I schedule his at 5:00.....

Sometime after that the client was on Craigslist and called what they thought was a private owner. She then informed them that she was a realtor and that she could show them both properites....

Am I wrong? She had so much detail from me that there is no way should could have not known. She then called the other agent and scheduled a showing, and never called me back to confirm my showing.

And while she won the battle of the day, and while that community was never on my farm list, the post cards have now been ordered.

Early in my career someone said to me customers come and go but agents stay. Understand the importance of how you conduct yourself with other agents.

Are times so tough that we'll burn a realtor relationship for $ 600.00 ?

I've made a nice internet page for Harbour Oaks of Palm Beach Gardens. Please click the hyperlink to take a peek.

What do you think? Is all fair in love and real estate? 

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