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Ok so just how is this going to work?

Part of the reason I am phasing out of full time Real Estate is that I don't want to work with unscrupulous people. No not all agents and lenders are unscrupulous! But, unfortunately,I think there are more that are than not.

Just look at what attracts most people into the real estate industry. $$$$$$$$ Making money fast. People are lured into Real Estate thinking that they are going to make it rich. Brokers tell prospects about how much their top performers make to get them to sign up. Then over 90% of agents drop out in the first 2 years. It isn't all that easy to make a sustainable income. Being a great agent takes a lot of work, it definitely isn't a walk in the park. IMG_0728

I will admit that is what attracted me to the business. I thought that a flexible schedule and a decent income would allow my wife to stay home when we had kids and I could spend more time at home with them. I want to be really involved with my family. We had Callista a few months ago. She is a beautiful gift from God. Even her cry's and screams are cute. Real Estate Riches are made working long hours, nights and weekends. Not for the family man wanting to spend more time at home.

I have been double dipping for awhile now working for a marketing company in Auburn, more of a 9 to 5 gig. Working B2B is great, much less likely to be stuck working with those unscrupulous fellows. I want to keep what I like from the Real Estate Industry. I am going to reduce my night and weekend work and just refer clients to other great agents. One thing I have learned in the business is what smoke smells like. No matter where they try to blow it. This way I can send clients to agents who actually specialize in what they are looking for.

I've represented buyers, sellers, houses, townhouses, condos, Snohomish/King/Pierce counties, wherever there was a commission check I was. Sure I did my absolute best for every client that I had. But specialization has its benefits. There was no way I could've really known the inventory in Tacoma and Bellevue, only an agent that specialized there could. Someone who actually went on tour every week and saw every home that came on the market. Most agents are just like I was, they specialize in making the commission check. That is what brokers teach their agents to do. Make them money!

So instead of spending my time knocking on doors and sending out massive amounts of postcards, I am going to get to know great agents. This way I don't have to work with the unscrupulous ones, I can just say no. Then I can review these agents here on this Seattle Real Estate blog. I can talk about what they do great and only write about agents that I feel actually have their clients best interests in mind. No Smoke Allowed!

When I am approached by a person who is looking to find an agent I can then send them to the agent who will best serve them, not just someone chasing the commission check. Sure I wont make as much as a full time agent, but this is only a part time gig. I can focus my time on my family and working at my marketing gig. I can take what I love about real estate and help others at the same time, the best of both worlds.

Wish me luck as I figure out how all this is going to work.

Associate Broker Falmouth MA Cape Cod Heath Coker
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So you are becoming a smaller version of real tor .com?  How many agents do you know that pay them?

Nov 22, 2008 06:52 AM
Glenn Roberts

I've been an agent for 20 years and most of the agents and lenders I have met  pride themselves in being honest. Maybe you should try politics.

Nov 22, 2008 06:56 AM
Shirley Parks
Sands Realty 210-414-0966 - San Antonio, TX
Broker, 210-414-0966, San Antonio TX Real Estate

Jonathan, Do you have a plan for getting people to approach you about finding an agent without doing marketing?

Nov 22, 2008 06:56 AM
Kelly Willey
Long and Foster BEL AIR MARYLAND - Bel Air, MD
Short Sale Agent - Harford County Maryland Real Estate

In my 20 years it seems to me that the agents I don't want to work with are the part timers, they aren't as up on the practice and therefore look incompetent. Better you should refer out your business to a full time professional.



Nov 22, 2008 07:04 AM
Marian Gregor-Ann
Keller Williams - Ann Arbor, MI
Arbor area Real Estate

Hi Jonathan, I only refer to agents, lenders, inspectors etc. that I know & trust. Look to agents who fit your vision. Your baby is precious! Happy selling.

Nov 22, 2008 07:07 AM
Bill Gillhespy
16 Sunview Blvd - Fort Myers Beach, FL
Fort Myers Beach Realtor, Fort Myers Beach Agent - Homes & Condos

Hi Jonathon,  Sorry you seem to have had some negative experiences in our business.  Hope your new gig is all you hoped for !

Nov 22, 2008 07:26 AM
Jubal Bynoe
Core Mortgage LLC - Scottsdale, AZ

I think that the realty is there are people that don't care in every industry. Be the best you can be and others will follow.

Nov 22, 2008 07:43 AM
Jonathan Martin
Seattle, WA
Real Estate Agent - Seattle

Wow I guess my post sounded a little more dire than it should have.

Heath- Nothing like Real tor.com, and again I only work with people/agents I know.
Glenn- 20 years as an Agent and most of the people you have met are honest?  I smell smoke.
Shirley- I am a pretty outgoing guy and have found that I come across 6-10 people a year in my daily life.  I have a few other ideas that I've yet to flesh out.
Kelly- My point exactly!  But not as snide ;)
Marion- Thank you she is the light of our lives.
Bill- Thanks.
Jubal- You speak the truth.

Nov 23, 2008 09:52 AM
Mimi Osterdahl, NW Living
eXp Realty - Bellingham, WA
"Do good work for good people."


I think that is a great idea and I support you 100%.  We all have to get 'real' about what we want out of life and it sounds like you have your priorities straight.  And how very cool that you can keep what you like best about the business and "chuck" the rest.

I wish you nothing but success in every venture you explore.  It is your life to live...live it!

And, on another note...regarding your post...I would LOVE to be your go-to Realtor if you ever run into anyone looking to move to Bellingham or Whatcom County.  I treat all referrals as PURE GOLD.

Live good. Be happy. I wish you all success.


Mimi Osterdahl / The Muljat Group Realtors / Bellingham, Washington

2008 President, Northwest Washington Women's Council of Realtors


Nov 24, 2008 03:22 AM
Reba Haas
Team Reba of RE/MAX Metro Eastside www.TeamReba.com - Bellevue, WA
Team Reba, CDPE

I like to think that it's less about the area that I know but the fact that I know negotiation and contracts very well.  On top of it, my clients are usually tech savvy and want someone that communicates in the way that they do.  Having come from a technology background I am able to do just that.  The majority of my business is in King County, but I also work in north Pierce County and south Snohomish.

Check out our sites and you'll see that we don't blow smoke: www.TeamReba.com and www.TeamReba.com/blog as well as other posts I have placed here on Active Rain.

Feel free to send referrals my way as well.  We treat all of our clients with excellent performance on service, follow through, and C.A.R.E.(TM):

Conduct becoming of a professional

Aggressive and effective negotiating

Representing you exclusively (no dual agency)

Excellent communication throughout the process

Congrats to you and your growing family!!!!!

Nov 24, 2008 02:56 PM