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Hello ! We are asking that you complete our Web Page Survey.

OATS is fast approaching several important deadlines which are necessary and critical to the continuing success of our project. We know that this is a busy season for everyone with the Holidays that we are devoting a great deal of time towards over the next several weeks. It does not matter if you have a present NEED for this particular Rail Service. We are looking for you opinions and Ideas.   However, OATS is asking for your help. Please just take 10 minutes and complete the Survey for us, and ultimately for yourselves. If we are to get better Freight Rail Services to grow our local economy and get the much needed Local Commuter Rail Service back to Southern Chester County we need your help.   Once you have completed the Survey, please advise your family, friends, and co-workers to complete the Survey as well. Your helping us with Net-Working the Web Page and the Survey is very important.   Many of you have asked how you could help us get the project successfully on its way. This is what you can do for this effort at this time. This Survey is the first of at least 3 that we have planned right now. There are several places in the Survey and on the Contact Us page where we would ask you to tell us what other Issues and questions you would like to see be put into the next 2 Surveys. Let us know what you want and tell us about any related ideas that you believe will help us accomplish this task  

HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING and stay safe driving............   John Stevenson and Walter Saranetz   www.OATrainS.org


 From: Oxford Area Transit Services

Date: November 19, 2008

 RE: Up Dated version of our OATS Project Outline

 We, OATS, wanted to take this opportunity to bring you up to date on our growing project. We have had over 73,000 web page contacts since its inception on August 5th, 2008.

 We have also received a Letter of Encouragement from the Governor of Maryland / Secretary John D. Porcari of Maryland's Department of Transportation. We are also working with all 3 County Commissioners, US Congressman Joe Pitts, CCEDC, CCPC, and DVRPC.  

 Below you will find an Up Dated Version of our OATS Project Outline and please review the many new pieces of information on our web page.

If you have any questions, please call us at 610 932 9670 anytime. 

 John and Walt

Oxford Area Transit Services        www.OATrainS.org
Oxford, Pa. 19363
610 932 9670 

 Here is Copy of the most recent Outline of the OATS Program. 

The primary objective of the OATS Program is to bring back a stable Economic Development Core Corridor to Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania, and to Cecil County, Maryland from the Pennsylvania State Line to Perryville / Aberdeen, Maryland. 

This can be accomplished by using existing Infrastructure in the form of the Old Octoraro RR Line as a catalyst to not only provide a strong Tax Base / Growth Focal Point, but also to refocus Regional Growth Planning on a 30 Mile Long City Planning Concept (30 Miles Long by 1 Mile Wide) in Pennsylvania, and a 20 Mile Long City Concept Plan (20 Miles Long by 1 Mile Wide) in Cecil County, Maryland. This approach will also allow for future land use and planning initiatives, including but not limited to environmental improvement, controlled Commercial / Industrial growth, properly planned residential growth, and solvent municipal tax base planning and at the same time, we can continue to protect our regional agricultural assets.  

This whole project, properly planned and funded, will not only solve pending and future regional growth issues, but will provide a strong alternative to the North to South Main Line Corridor for Railroads in the event that a Homeland Security Issue may occur. And,  the area between Aberdeen and points North may need to be circumvented or rerouting as required. 

There are 5 Routes to be included in this effort to make the Program work to the benefit of the taxpayers and Industry as well. This Program is a "Freight First" program followed immediately by Commuter Rail Service Revitalization

OATS Route No. 1. - Improve the Existing Rail Corridor From Chadds Ford to Nottingham, Pennsylvania. This is an existing 30 mile long, Type 3, Light Freight Line (10 to 15 MPH) which must be upgraded to a Type 2 Quality (30 to 35 MPH) Freight Line. Once the Classification change is made, Commuter Rail becomes practical and cost effective. 

OATS Route No. 2 - Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania to Newark / Wilmington, Delaware. This would allow Route No. 1 to be immediately activated once the Route No. 1 revitalization work was completed. This is an existing active rail line at this time. 

OATS Route No. 3 - Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania to Coatesville, Pennsylvania. This would connect the Octoraro Line to the East-to-West Pennsylvania Main Line and give Freight and Commuter Ridership on the Octoraro RR Line a direct connect to the Pennsylvania Main Line Corridor. 

OATS Route No. 4 - Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania to Wawa / Media, Pennsylvania. This will provide direct Rail Freight and Commuter Rail access to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

OATS Route No. 5 - Nottingham, Pennsylvania (Mason/Dixon Line) to points in Cecil County Maryland. These points being potentially; Sylmar, Rising Sun, Colora, Port Deposit, Perryville, and Aberdeen, Maryland. This last Route (5) not only allows for an alternate way of continuing Main Line North-to-South Rail service along the East Coast, but it also allows for an alternate way to get between Philadelphia (and points East) and Harrisburg (and points West) should that need arise as well. 

RE: OATS Route 5 - Please note that with the projected influx of some 9,000 employees and their families in to the Aberdeen, Maryland landscape, home sites, shopping, schools and other necessary amenities are going to be impacted. The existing rural roadways and supporting facilities are limited. Mass Transit along the old Octoraro R-O-W is an obvious and extremely cost effective method of solving not only commuter issues but also land use issues and still be able to protect the agricultural amenities of the region at the same time.

(NOTE: Without a Cecil County/Octoraro Railroad Commuter Service, Aberdeen's pending growth could generate 18,000 household morning commutes + 18,000 household evening commutes + 9,000 school bus trips X 2 or 18,000 total for an additional number of area commutes of +/- 54,000 trips per day in Cecil County alone over what goes on in that region at this time. When reviewing Chester County Planning Commission and DVRPC Year 2035 forecasts for population growth potential, similar factors come into play for Southern Chester County as well) 

This situation presents a onetime opportunity to not only solve the obvious problems discussed above but it gives us chance to "Do it Right" in an "Eco-Friendly" manner and set an example for similar situations both pending and yet to be foreseen. We have been informed that we can build 8 miles of double track railroad for every mile of 4 lane highway.

We hope that this Outline of our OATS Program answers most questions and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future. If you need any additional information from us please contact us at anytime via Web Page, E-Mail, or phone at 610 932 9670. 

Respectfully Submitted, 

John Stevenson and Walter Saranetz

John Stevenson, Architect
Chairperson - OATS
Oxford Area Transit Services www.OATrainS.org
5 Mount Vernon Street
Oxford, Pa. 19363
610 932 9670

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