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You can lead them to water, but you can't make then drink, or can you?

Services for Real Estate Pros with Home Contest Inc

We have a website for players to enter into a contest to win a home. To appeal to the correct audiance, a demographic study was completed about 8 months ago, in preperation for the launch. It gave us a complete picture of who our target audiance was, how much they would be willing to spend on entry fees. The change in  this economy makes that study, which is only 8 months old, antiquated. Also the study was based  on contests that were not really equivilant to ours. We would love to get participation and response from the most qualified group we could receive answers from. This would be Active rain members. We are currently working with some agents bringing us their listings. We will be paying for agents for these listings based on the money the contest results in. The agents can also earn money by sending the player that wins. There is a practice game on the contest. We get many  practicing players. We need to convert these practicing players to entered players . Your answers will provide some of the insight we need.

Have you ever worked with a contest or auction to "sell" a home ?

Do you think the time is right to try new ventures to move your listings?

Would you bring a listing to our contest site if you receive three percent of the monies the contest brings in ?

Would you send a player to win a home, if you would earn three percent of the money ,if the home was won by your player ?

Would you think players would rather have less players enter and higher fees or lower entry fees and more players. example $10.00 entry fees 20000 entrants or $100.00 entry fees and 2000 entrants ?