Winter Green

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It’s still several days away from the first of November and we’ve already had some snow! Last year, at this same time, we hadn’t even had our first frost.  But, the weather has definitely taken a turn toward cold and I’ve been running out every evening and again in the morning, to cover and uncover my tender, cool weather plants. I have row covers over my cabbage and radishes and cold frames (sort of – it’s really discarded windows on top of 3 by 5 bed raised bed frames) over my lettuce, spinach and bok choy.

Today it reached a high of 51 – better than the 41 yesterday. I went out this morning and uncovered everything and then this evening before it got dark, covered it all up again. I plan on repeating this until it’s useless to do so. So far, my plants look healthier than before the cold snap.

It’s a lot of trouble but worth it. I’m having fresh salads every other day. And it’s organic. I’m also saving some money. But this “chore” is more than that. I am in control. I am avoiding the cost of shipping in food that I can grow for myself. I feel independent. Yes, I know there are still hundreds of other products that are shipped in that I need and buy, but this is one small step toward not participating in that vast dependency that we are ensnarled in.

I think though the greatest reward is that covering and uncovering my plants every day is the reconnection I have with nature. During the winter, I want to withdraw and be in the warm comfort of my home. Who wants to be outdoors in the cold, windy air? If it weren’t for the small fall/winter garden, I’d just go from house to car to building to car to house. All day long. Ignoring the fresh air, the sounds, and the touch of the soil. So I am grateful for my little patch of land.

I wish that everyone could feel the experience and the beauty in this small action. I know many people want to and can’t. And I know many people can but won’t.  I hope, as a eco-realtor that I can help those who want to. I hope as a writer that I can help those who can - will.

Dated October 25, 20008

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