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The Importance Of Global Marketing

Overseas Marketing


In todays Real Estate market it's crucial to advertise all over the world. Here in Central Florida,  people from literally all over the world invest in our little piece heaven. Whether they are relocating, buying a second home for personal use only, or of course a short term rental property. The strength of The Global Real Estate Team which I  have had great success in reaching the Global Market. The most critical is my exclusive right to advertise from a Century21 sales executive on the most widely used search site in the UK. The site is Rightmove.com which is the equivelent to Realtor.com in the United states. This has given me a huge advantage over my competitors, you have to spend money to make money. In this market I find sales agents cutting back on almost everything. I have committed myself to my clients that they without a doubt have the best advertising available. Your home needs to be seen everywhere, in every country. You never know where your buyer is going to come from, it never has been enough to just place it on the mls and hope some other Realtor is going to show it. With the currency value of the dollar throughout the world now has never been a better time to invest in Central Florida. I have leads coming in everyday for all types and prices of homes. If your thinking of selling your home, remember your not hiring a company your hiring a marketing expert. Your home is usually the most important investment of your life make sure you hire the right person.

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