Walkertown Town Council goes too far

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Walkertown's town council voted to prohibit graffiti on public buildings even though no buildings have been defaced and they may even lack the ability to enforce the resolution.  There are current laws in force from the county that would apply in these situations and it was an example of elected officials doing something just for the appearance of their actions to the public.   We have thousands of laws currently not being enforced and one more will not make the world a better place.   The public deserved better.   Additionally, the council voted to give $500.00 to the Walkertown Wolfpack Cheerleading squad to help pay for expenses for a competition in Florida.  The organizers had asked for over $12,000 and last year asked for $8,000 for the same type of competition.  The money, $500.00, may not seem like much, but exactly who benefits from the expenditure?  This a perfect example of abuse of power by our elected officials.  From giving companies tax breaks to relocate to an area at the expense of existing businesses to now cheerleading competitions, where will it end.

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Mick Michaud
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I hope there are many more like you in your community.  Someone has to stand up to this stupidity.

Having said that, its a well rehearsed dance.  Give the politicians someway to get their names in print for doing "good".

I would love it if the new congress was deadlocked for the next full term.  The most helpful thing our governement could do is to back off.  Enacting laws for the illussion of "accomplishing" something is dangerous.  Yes, we'll have a world of hurt, but it will be quick and then we can get back to recovery.  As it is, I'm afraid Congress is like a bunch of actors who play surgeons on TV that think they now have the skills to perform surgery on this patient we call our economy.


Nov 23, 2008 10:44 AM

I agree.  Passing an unnecessary law with no teeth to enforce it is just stupid.  And I don't get the government sponsoring cheerleaders????  Shouldn't they be raising money with car washes or getting corporate sponsors?  Why the government????  Good post!!

Nov 23, 2008 12:26 PM
Dale Terry
Yadkinville, NC

Its not just Washington, its everywhere, It just makes me mad,  Thanks for responding Mike and others!!

Nov 24, 2008 08:39 AM