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Building A Mortgage Business

Mortgage and Lending with The Mortgage Group - Vancouver/Richmond

The mortgage business like any service business is about "Marketing You" and being seen and noticed by the public what you do for a living. Home owners and home buyers have a need for home mortgages and they are motivated for self-interest to find the best mortgage products that help them save money.

Large Market For Mortgage

The news media have helped to bring to the consumers the awareness and services provided by mortgage brokers. Most consumers are still fixated on shopping for the best or lowest rate mortgages. Your role as a mortgage advisor essentially is to win over your client's mortgage business and hopefully "to keep the business and the client for life".

Branding Yourself

TMG will be the first mortgage brokerage company that can offer your own branded TMG mortgage products. Your mortgage lenders who are not working with TMG and you as "business partners" are more often your competitors. The reason being onces the your client's mortgage is placed with your lender, your client is likely to renew his or her mortgage 80% of the time. You do not get paid if the lender is not your business partners, and your are not protected through a "trailer-fee agreement".

Mortgage Advisory Service

The signing of a mortgage by a home owner is only the first step in his or her financial obligation to repay the loan according to the term of the loan contract. As a mortgage advisor, your value to your client is helping the client save money by "designing a mortgage repayment plan" that will result in the mortgage being paid off in "half-the-time"

The availability of TMG branded mortgage insurance and fire insurance will compliment your role and service as a one-stop solution to your home owner's mortgage needs. This further reinforce your role as your home owner's personal mortgage advisor.

If you are exploring the career opportunity and like to become a Mortgage Broker, you are welcome to contact me at 604-721-4817 or email me. The income for a Mortgage Broker can be greatly increased by  promoting the Money Merge Account program to homw owners.


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