What makes Real Estate Video work, and what's a deal killer

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I've been studying variois online marketing methods in terms of what works and what does not.

I like your high quality video production; my personal feeling is that bad video prodcution makes the agent look bad, so do it professionaly or not at all.

I've done one realestate video to date. The agent liked it and their client loved it, and the agent tells me it did help make the sale. I look back at it and have some misgivings.

I have two big questions. 

1st, what is a reasonable price for the production (obviously the value of the home has a lot to do with that)? and 2nd ...what should be in the video?

I've seen a lot of You-Tube video where the agent does an on-camrea tour. Some agents do it well, some don't. In other cases you can see that the on-camera talent is not an agent but is a professional brodcasters. I saw another of guy chattiung while driving aroudn o=in his car.

What does video do for the agnt that pictures cannot?

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