Pick this apart. Does it work?

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Following my previous post, this is my first attempt a video / DVD we produced for an agent (sister-inlaw). I would love to have some critical feedback. What works, what does not.


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John Palmisano
Keller Williams Properties Weston, FL - Weston, FL

OK Matt, here we go. I worked in Film and Television post production for 24 years, before becoming a Realtor. I think the video is pretty good. Just a few comments, one i would not dissolve from a moving shot to a static shot that later starts moving. Always dissolve into the shot once it starts moving, and dissolve out before it stops moving.. Second, I would try a little more story telling with the video. Some of the shots are too long. I would cut off some of the head of the shot. I know you where trying to show the shot like someone is walking into a room, but they do not need to see the camera turning into a room, or a door opening. have the door opened before you start shooting. Anyway, I thought the over all framing was decent. I would keep the video short. Have an establishing shot of the kitchen then go close in on different parts of the kitchen, but keep those short. Also, slow down the zoom in's and outs. The zooms do not work with the music, that type of zooming is for MTV. I hope this helps.

Dec 26, 2008 02:45 PM