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Hello Dear Reader.  This blog is a continuation of what I am writing the last few days on my web site  I am just commenting on the GOOD part of Real Estate.  In NJ, the NJAR is actively persuing good news.  Any News.  While I agree, it still is hard to agree when you have bills stacked up, but never the less, it's started.    The Investors are starting to come back.  I am getting phone calls from people who have been sitting out the market, and first time buyers looking for a home. 

THERE BACK!  Like when the Tuna come in and you can fish the big eyes off Long Island, or when the swallows come back to Capistrano.  The investors are trickling into the market along with the first time buyers.  The first time buyers have a chance to buy at 80's or earlier pricing.  Awesome.  Invvestors can buy homes that have a positive cash flow.

NOW is the time that Realtors who have ridden out the market, have experience, and have taken addtional training during the lull time can start to make a difference.  NOW is the time to stand up and do what you are supposed to do.  Sell and List homes, and make the American Dream of Home Ownership less scary for millions of People.

Just remember, it may take another 6 months before the media sees this, and the regular buyers come in and stabilize the market place.

here is my newest viewpoints from 11/23/2008

Ok, in the cyclical cycle of real estate, my cycle is still rolling up.  I helped a lovely couple negotiate their first home, at a GREAT price, and in a GREAT town.

Did I think it would happen?  Not sure.  The market place has picked up and we were in a bidding war.  In a Bidding war, NO one wins. The seller feels he underlisted, the buyer feels they overpay, and the loser feels that they were not given enough consideration in their offer.  AND, the Realtors sit and wonder how they could have brought the deal to the table.  See, no one wins.

The buyers, I think are happy, but nervous. It's a common thing when it's your first home.  I get the same way when I buy a car.  Nervous but happy. I love it when it works out right.  Not for the money as much as the satisfaction that I could help someone.  The buyers are really nice people and I think this really is the house for them, but I really can't tell them because it makes me sound like a salesperson.  (I am a facilitator.  Buyers and sellers have to make their own decision, no matter what I say). 

Back to where I was.  Even on Sunday I have gotten phone calls and emails wanting to buy a house.  Investors and first time buyers. That's a real good sign, because when they are looking the regular market shouldn't be too far behind.

So far my investors are looking in the 07106 area code of Newark, and 07105 of Newark.  (Well, that's where the bulk of my listings are).  I am getting fewer requests for other areas, but the emails are coming in. 

Let's see what happens!


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