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My wife and I were discussing were to eat this last Saturday, since the whether was amazing (you know those late fall early winter days that we get to enjoy in South Florida) we wanted to dine out doors. 

We decided to head for the Hollywood Board Walk in Hollywood Beach.  This particular strip is lined with some very quaint little place; bars, restaurants and shops right in front of the beach.  Naturally, when we got there we werent disappoint to see that we were in for a real treat; the climate was wonderful, the sun was still out (about 4:30PM) and the Christmas decoration were begining to go up.  We walked up and down the boradwalk looking for our place of choice and we ran into a medium sized reatuatant named Sugar Reef Tropical Grill, I gentleman was outside and invited us to look at the menu.  Well the menu looked great, the waiter that called us over seemed very friendly and my wife loves Orchids (which happened to be on every table). The decision had been made.  We sat down and the service was fantastic, so good we allowed our waiter (Bret) to pick out our desert for us at the end of the meal (more on that later).  The chef had about 7 or 8 specials which made making a decision very difficult, but well worth the contemplation.  For appetizer we shared a cabbage and beat salad. Isela (my wife) ordered the Talapia which was prepared almost Thai style in a coconut milk sauce accompanied by scalloped sweet potatos.  I had pork tenderloin medallions in a spicy Jamaican syle sauce (but not jerk) also accompanied by the same scalloped sweet potatos.  Then Bret came and asked if he could pick out our desert for us. Shortly after he confirmed that we did like chocolate (does anyone really not like chocolate) he shows up with a warm chocolate / expresso flourless cake accopanied by a scoop of vanilla icecream and topped off with just a bit of Raseberry sauce.  WOW, need I say more.  If you are ever in the area be sure to visit this fantastic restaurant.  It is not new as we learned it has been around for almost 15 years but what a great NEW find for us.

By the way they have a live webcam situated out side there restaurant so you can check on the whether before heading over. You can view their site at:

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