What to do to prepare for the cold weather in Tulsa OK!

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What to do when the cold weather hits, there are many hazards that come about during the winter and the holidays.

Vacationing for the holidays: Make sure to turn you water heater down, you aren't using hot water but your hot water heater doesn't know this. Many hot water heaters have a vacation setting, if not, turn it down to warm or low. You will save money!

Also depending on how long you are gone for, you may want to turn your water off at the main shut off. I just recently had a client call me and inform me that they had a leak, a neighbor called them and told them that there was water pouring out from underneath their garage door down the driveway! YIKES! This had nothing to do with freezing pipes, an unforeseen leak occurred and their entire house was filled with water, it only takes one leak while you are gone for three days to ruin a great holiday! While we are talking about FREEZING......

Keep your home thermostat set at 55 degrees, turn it down from the normal 69-72 degrees, this will save you money on your heating bill and lower the risk of your pipes from freezing.

Have a safe and fun Thanksgiving!



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