Being Online/The Key to Being Successful

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Today, real estate professionals are in the marketing business where the key to success is online marketing:

 1. A website,

2. An e-mail database, and

3. Technology assistance.

The real secret to success is exactly how these things are assembled to satisfy todays online customers.

Busy prospects/potential customers size you up and form lasting judgments with a few seconds of opening your website or scanning your email.  That means that within a few seconds your marketing must create a positive reaction-or you may never get a chance to close the sale in person. 

Today comparison shoppers test you to determine if you can provide the knowlegde they need to save them time, money and a headache. 

Bottom line is that haveing a great online marketing presence is vital to being successful in this competitive market.

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Robert Whitelaw
Whitelaw & Sons Real Estate Services - Morgan Hill, CA
Broker, CEO, Realtor , ePro

Very true. In my experience, it is all about they way you execute on these things. For instance, I had a site for years that really did not generate much business. It was not until I started creating my own original content that my site started to see more visitors and I started getting more clients just from my site.

The best part is that this does not have to be effort that just benefits your site. The material I create for my site ends up in newsletters and contributes to my overall knowledge of my marketplace, which just makes things better for me when clients want to talk about what direction the market is going. 

Apr 21, 2007 01:35 AM
John Caylor
Infinity Financial Group - Post Falls, ID
Post Falls, ID Mortgages
Good post Jackie...very true!!
Apr 21, 2007 01:36 AM
Jon Miller
United Country-Marshland Realty - Beaufort, SC

One thing critical about marketing is to make sure that the advertisement (website or whatever the medium) is proofread before sending it out the door.  It is critical to the reader to make sure grammar, punctuation and spelling are correct. 

Something that happened to me once was that I advertised something where the date and day did not match; for example I said something was going to happen on Friday, March 3rd, when actually March 3rd fell on a Saturday.  I can just imagine how customers sized me up over that one!

Apr 21, 2007 01:47 AM