Fun With Food And Family on Thanksgiving Day

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God help us all My child has asked the family to our house for Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Normally when forced to entertain I call Balducci's. But nooooooo My family does not do take away.

                     Did I mention my husband, daughter and I are VEGATARIANS???

                                        Did I mention the rest of my family is not???                                     

My house is all so not that big. Here in Del Ray Alexandria The older homes can run small. Mine was built around 1900. the lower part was an A&P grocery store with living area upstairs. It does not lend itself to large gatherings. Did I mention I have four sisters and they each have a husband. My daughter has five cousins. I only have four dining room chairs. My sofa is a love seat. My dog's a chihuahua. Luckily my sisters can cook. The dead bird will come wrapped in foil and the stuffing is made in a pan with veggie broth. The pies are pig free and and no one in my group ever puts piggy parts in the green beans. Since we put white wine in the fruit salad { not the kids bowl }  I hope that by the time the champagne, coffee, chocolates and pies are served everyone will be comfortable sitting on the floor.  

I wish you all a happy happy Thanksgiving Day.  I hope you have as many chairs as bodies to put in them. I hope we all can take some time from cooking or in my case heating up to think of those who have less.