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Ways To Save Energy Without Hiring A Home Improvement Contractor

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Can you use some extra cash earned by saving energy? Making simple changes can make your home energy use more efficient. These changes help the planet and can save you money. Here are some easy ways to save energy in your home.

  • Switch out all your light bulbs to the popular compact fluorescent versions which use 70 to 75 percent less energy than regular light bulbs
  • Using cold water when washing clothes helps energy efficiency in your home
  • Turning down the temperature on the water heater thermostat can make lots of energy efficiency improvement
  • Put rubberized metal plates along the bottom of outer doors to hold the cold air outside
  • Close the drapes or blinds when you are away or asleep especially in drafty areas of the house
  • Weather stripping is your solution to cold air coming in around the door sides
  • Turning down your thermostat a couple of degrees can save 2% off your energy bill
  • Plug air leaks in the attic, around windows, baseboards and even light switch plates
  • Turn your thermostat down to 64 at night while you are sleeping or get a programmable thermostat to do it for you
  • Apply caulking around windows and use plastic to cover them during the coldest part of the year
  • Make it a family event to figure out where air leaks are in your home


The money you save with these ideas can be used for more important needs in your life. Why have your money floating out the window? By making these small changes in your home your energy efficiency will be vastly improved.

Bonne Knepper, Freelance Writer in Bellingham, Washington

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bonne_Knepper

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