Tips for Getting a Great Deal on Granite Countertops from Rock Tops Granite, Maryland Heights, MO

Home Builder with Rock Tops Granite

If you are thinking of a kitchen remodeling plan, one of the things on your list is probably looking into marble and granite countertops. Nothing really says kitchen renovation like countertops.


If you have been out shopping for the things you need, you may have noticed that counter tops can be pricey, especially if you have a lot of countertop surfaces in your kitchen.


See What's On Sale


Get to know a local company that specializes in countertops.  Communicate your concerns and et them know you are budgeting for a project that you really want to have done. Competing businesses always have sales running. Letting them know you want to buy, but are on a limited budget will help them sort through the sale priced granite and marble and keep you in the loop on what you may be able to afford for your project. A good company should be able to explain all your options and meet your needs.


Be Flexible on Your Selection


If you have something in mind for the exact type of Italian stone or Indian stone you think you need to have in your home, you may need to be flexible on that opinion in order to keep within your budget. There may well be a cheaper Brazilian stone that is just as beautiful but at a better price.


Be Flexible on Your Design


In addition to being flexible on your marble and granite countertops materials, you should also be flexible on your design. While you may have fallen for one particular type of granite edges or granite colors, others that are very similar may be less expensive if you are willing to flex.


Watch for Rip Offs


While you may be looking anywhere for a great deal on your natural stone countertops, you also need to make sure you are getting quality materials. There are plenty of rip-off artists out there that will try to take you for what they can that no one has filed a report on yet. Instead, stick to a reputable, well known company to make sure you really are getting what is best for your home.



This article was written by Charlie Thiede, owner of Rock Tops Granite, the leading experts in granite and marble countertops fabrication and installation.  With their use of the latest technology for cutting, shaping and finishing the stone to perfection, they produce the highest quality custom countertops at the lowest price of their competitors.  Visit to locate a showroom where you can learn more.


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