Will the Lions Keep Their Perfect Record?

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    Our wonderful Detroit Lions are marching to a near perfect year. Now sitting at 0 - 11 (that's not a typo) - that's right, 0 wins and 11 losses, they've broken or tied a record for most consecutive losses in the NFL.   For Thanksgiving we are fortunate to get to watch them twice in one week try to hold on to their perfect record as they take on the Tennessee Titans, who had their own perfect record, but the opposite - they were undefeated until their loss on Sunday. 

    Growing up in Texas where football is the national pastime, football also was part of our Thanksgiving tradition, as much as eating turkey and giving thanks and being with family.  But there, we had "America's Team", the Cowboys.  Fast forward several years and not too much of the tradition has changed, except I watch the games with my husband instead of my dad (although this year, I find my husband leaving the room a lot more during the Lions games - I suppose instead of yelling at the T.V.). 

    It's looking like a slim to none chance for the mighty Lions tomorrow.  Which will be okay, because that will leave us time to focus on family, friends, fellowship and food.  Besides, there's still the Cowboys. 


Ed Vogt
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Update:  They have kept their perfect record going!!!  Now they're trying to break all kinds of records.  At least the food and fellowship were good.

Nov 29, 2008 03:05 AM