The Great Turkey Debate

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The Great Turkey debate!

In our house every year we have a debate about what the correct temperature is  when roasting a turkey. According to the Butter Ball turkey bag, it calls for 170, which some, in this house, feel is overcooked. But when researching other sources like Wegmans and the Food Network web sites, they call for 160 to 165.

This year it's "To stuff or not to stuff". According to Martha Staurt, it's ok to stuff as long as it's done right before you put it in the oven. Another good tip Martha gave is to put cheese cloth over the turkey. The cheese cloth will hold the basting juices on the turkey where you want it. Remove the cheese cloth when the turkey reaches 160 and continue roasting to 165.

  Whatever your Thanksgiving dilemmas are, I hope they are shared with loved ones. Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving from Virtual Access Tours.

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