Sometimes Good Health Isn’t Enough – Accidents Still Happen

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Four nights ago, I called my 22-year-old son who lives about three hours from myself and my wife. He’s currently attending college and I wanted to make sure he would definitely be coming home for Thanksgiving and staying over the weekend. He assured me that he was, but he politely asked me to not mention insurance to him.

He asked this favor of me because I’ll admit, I bog him down with insurance questions when he comes home. It’s my job after all, and he’s no exception. I suggested that we get it out of the way, so I wouldn’t have to ask him when he arrives home. I said, “So, are you covered yet?”

My son refuses to pay for individual health insurance because he never gets sick. He believes it’s a waste of his money. He tells me he’s young, healthy, doesn’t smoke, drinks only occasionally, and has not had to visit the doctor since grade school. He always tells me this, and he told me that for nights ago. I sighed, but didn’t push the issue any more.

Last night, my son called me. “Dad?” he said. “I broke my arm and went to the ER. It’s going to cost $2,000.” I almost laughed – almost. He had dodged sickness, but had forgotten that life is full of accidents. During a frat party, a friend had been horsing around and knocked him off a high-set porch.

My son is paying off his $2,000 in ER, x-ray, and setting bills in installments. Needless to say, he decided to go ahead and get health insurance for himself.

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