Thankful for the Turkey!

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During this holiday of Thanksgiving, many are reminded of all they have to be thankful for. But have you considered being thankful for the turkey?

For Thanksgiving each year, my husband's family used to gather at his Grandmother's house for dinner.  And when his family gathers, every extension of the family gets together so there are people everywhere along with an incredible spread of delicious homemade food. From the famous carved turkey to dressing, yams, and every other possible sidedish in a good 'ole southern meal (in my opinion of course).  And of course being a chocolate fanatic, I've provided 1-2 chocolate desserts to add on the last few extra pounds. Among the hot air from all the bodies that have managed to fit into one house, lots of background noise from the screaming kids running around from room to room, and the anticipation of another delicious once-a-year meal, is a house full of laughter, reminiscing, joy, comfort and love. And thought there is a room full of different people with different personalities, lifestyles and perspectives, we are still family and we enjoy this time together to eat, remember stories of growing up together, learn what's changed since the last time we gathered and just enjoy the fellowship. And what is so amazing about Thanksgiving is that we go home feeling full. But not just in our bellies. Full from the feeling of belonging, full from the love felt in the hug from the cousin you haven't seen in two years, full from laughing at all the funny things that kids say (like when your 3-year-old son asks his overweight aunt why she's so big) because they are so honest. At the end of the day when we're thinking about all the food, family and fun and all the things we have to be thankful for, we have to be thankful for the Turkey. The turkey is not only the symbol for this family holiday but also the centerpiece that draws us all together.

My husband's Grandmother passed away in July of 2007. She was also our neighbor and she taught me a lot about the value of life. I'm thankful for the turkey because each Thanksgiving, her memories live on. And next year, we'll gather around the turkey again.

Happy Thanksgiving! May it be filled with love, joy and blessings!



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