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Have you been thinking about applying for a home mortgage refinance loan?

Perhaps you are in an adjustable rate mortgage, looking to consolidate debt, or even just lower your rate to a lower, fixed monthly payment. No matter what goal you are seeking to obtain at closing, one thing that you should stay focused on is how to save time and money when applying for a refinance of your home. However, all too often, many home owners make the common mistake of not being fully prepared.

Being prepared, what does that mean?

When applying for a refinance loan, you will want to be able to lock in your interest rate as quickly as possible when you see a low rate you want. Unfortunately, many homeowners lack the organization of the required documents and end up fumbling for them when they see a low rate, only to miss their chance to lock it in before the market changes, and even delay the closing of their loan which costs even more time, money, and heartache.

Here's how to avoid losing your precious time and money:

Gather Your Employment and Income Information

Always have one month of your pay stubs and spouse on hand, and if you are self-employed you will need to have your tax returns for the past two years. You should also have your W-2's from your employers for the past two years also. If you haven't been working at the same place of employment for at least two years consistently, have your work history and employer contact information along with payment history available as well. This will allow you and the lender to quickly and accurately calculate a monthly average of income.

Obtain Most Recent Bank Statements and Other Asset Statements

Typically most homeowners will only need to show two months worth of statements from your bank accounts, IRA's, 401k, and any other investment accounts when applying for your home mortgage refinance. Documenting assets is a vital part of loan application which can also position you to get the lowest rate possible. Your lender will typically ask for the last 3 months of these statements to evaluate.

Get Your Homeowner Documents Organized

In many cases your lender will ask for the title insurance and home owners insurance policy and may even inquire about the property taxes you pay on the home. In some instances they may also ask for to see the note to your home if you have an adjustable rate mortgage or prepayment clause. Also be prepared to show the lender the most recent appraisal and survey of your home in case they ask. One other important document to have on hand is also the most recent mortgage statement that shows the balance and monthly payments of any and all loans on your home.

You've Got Everything Together, Now What? Good! Now that you've got all the necessary paperwork together, you're going to find that when you're applying for your home mortgage refinance, you're going to feel very confident and in control. You'll notice that nearly every possible question on the loan application will be easily answered because you are prepared with the necessary information and you're lender will be happy too! So get started and apply for your loan today knowing that you just saved yourself a great deal of headache, time, and especially money by simply getting organized!

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Diane Daley
Caron's Gateway Real Estate - Northumberland, NH

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Nov 27, 2008 11:40 PM