Rock Tops Granite Rep Visits Detroit to Answer Questions and Share Tips on Kitchen Remodeling with Granite Kitchen Countertops

Home Builder with Rock Tops Granite

Rock Tops Granite representative joins the panel of experts to answer questions for property managers and home buyers


Detroit, MI - The day they were looking forward to finally arrived.  Mark Maupin and a group of his real estate investors have been anxiously waiting for the newest vendor to visit the group and share a great home renovation product.  Wednesday, November 19th Mark Maupin of National Real Estate Network hosted Rock Tops Granite to give tips to home buyers considering a granite countertop renovation project. As with any kitchen remodeling project there are a lot of details that need to be seen to before you start the project. Mark explained, "The granite kitchen countertop sets the tone for the rest of the kitchen design, so this is a great place for the planning to start."  Mark introduced Charlie Thiede, president of Rock Tops Granite, to share tips and answer questions. 

There are a few things to take note of before buyer puts in an order for kitchen countertops as well as a way you may be able to save a few dollars on the project.  One member asked, "What about using tiles instead of an entire slab?" 

Charlie answered, "Granite comes in both forms; slabs and tiles. Slabs are large pieces of granite that are generally full sections of the countertops. Tiles on the other hand are smaller sections that are pieced together, with grout in between, to create the countertop. Though the tiles are less expensive, they are also less hygienic, as food and debris tend to get caught in the grout lines.  Tiles are really more appropriate for a floor, but one can save money by using them for the countertop instead of the full slab." 

Charlie also reminded the group to be sure to factor in the cost of a back splash when planning their new kitchen.  "Many customers forget about this part, and then they are dismayed when the price is a little higher than they anticipated.  When we quote a price per foot, they forget to figure in the important back splash, which prevents water from going down the wall, behind the countertop, causing rot and mold in the wall.  A back splash is not only decorative; it serves an important purpose and must be factored in to give the countertop a finished look and to protect the wall behind it.

 When asked about sealing a granite countertop, Charlie explained, "Sealing is a personal decision, but we highly recommend it.  Granite is an organic product; it is porous and can become discolored if it absorbs something that is spilled on it.  Sealing the granite is a way to protect it and keep it looking great for many years."


Charlie concluded his speaking by advising the group to give a lot of thought to their kitchen renovation project and their budget.  "Of course you need to keep your budget in mind, but remember, a granite countertop will probably outlast your home!  It is very durable and requires little maintenance to keep it looking nice, so it doesn't pay to cut too many corners with this perfect product.  With our use of advanced technology in stone processing equipment, we are able to create a perfect cut and finish for a custom kitchen countertop much quicker than the companies who still use hand tools and routers.  Our savings in labor hours is passed on to the customer in a discounted price for granite countertops.  If you shop around, which I recommend you do, you will find that we are very competitive in our pricing."

Rock Tops Granite has a large, 15,000 sq. ft. showroom in Macomb, Michigan, where people can come in 7 days a week to take a tour and learn more about the selection and maintenance of granite kitchen countertops.  Visit to locate a showroom near you.




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