Giving Thanks as a Mindset

Managing Real Estate Broker with Beringer Realty

Yesterday, I was with a family of new friends who included me in their Thanksgiving celebration since this year it was not possible to be with my own family.  They had a Thanksgiving box the family had been adding to all week.  Little slips of paper for writing what they were thankful for...three young children and a mom and dad.  After dinner, Mom and Dad pulled the slips of paper out and read them aloud.  The kids had obviously had a great time stuffing the box.  We all laughed and laughed at how much the daughter, especially, had found to be thankful for.  The cat, the dog, both parents, food, turkey, flowers, the color blue, grass, freinds, even her brothers!  Though my new young friend got a little silly about stuffing the box, we all laughed and had great fun with reading and being thankful for lots and lots and lots. 

I wonder if I can get the real estate agents around me to start finding things to be thankful for, even in this shifting/shifted market?  I have no doubt that the effort to be positive will yield good results.  Continuing the thankfulness past the fourth Thursday in November into a lifestyle and mindset just might be life and business changing. 


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