I'm Finally Storming...

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Here's a quick review of the new Verizon Storm.  A full and detailed one is coming early next week.  Thanks for reading and posting...

I just got my Storm Wednesday late in the afternoon.  Basically it’s very good.  It does take some getting used to.  About an hour of real usage is what I found I needed.  The keyboard is a little better than the iPhone but the interface is not as smooth or as fast as the iPhone.  The Storm is a little sluggish but after a short while I really didn't notice it anymore.  It is a Blackberry and it works just like it but again it does take a little time since the interface is different.  A huge mistake was not having the little trackball that I really (and everyone else) liked.  Is it an iPhone killer?  Nope, not even close.  Is it a great Blackberry?   Yes.  It has all the basic features of a Blackberry, spell checker, copy and paste and my favorite Auto Text but when you're writing an email, moving around the text without the trackball is a mess.  You're constantly pressing the screen until you get it in the right place.  It has some nice improvements with new features but nothing earth shattering.  The screen quality and the new 3.2 megapixel camera are very good and with the 8GB of internal memory included, taking photos, adding a bit of music or a new application is not a problem.  Browsing the Internet is OK.  The browser is not even in the same class as Safari for the iPhone and pinch is just not as accurate as the iPhone.  Basically all gestures are not as accurate.

Overall its pretty good, but far from perfection.  It's larger and weighs more than the previous units and does not fit the hand like an iPhone does.  Another real annoyance is they changed the power jack so all the Blackberry home chargers and car chargers I have will need to be replaced.  That’s a stupid move that absolutely no sense other than Verizon and RIM trying to make an extra buck.  Instead of Mini USB they now use Micro USB.  Micro USB chargers for the car and home can be found online for $5.  There’s no need to buy the $30 versions from Verizon.

Bottom line is its a good unit, not perfect.  Will I use it, I think so!  If only the iPhone had a spell checker, copy and paste, Auto Text and navigation buttons.  Until then I’ll still be Storming but hoping for iPhone 3.0...  

Thanks for reading this.  C YA...

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Brian Belcher
RE/MAX Executive - Charlotte, NC
Charlotte Realtor

Great post. It's great to hear a review from a real person who does real business on the phone. 

Nov 28, 2008 09:57 AM