American Cash Solutions Inc seeks Joint Venture Particpants.

Mortgage and Lending with AMERICAN CASH SOLUTIONS INC

American Cash Solutions Inc is looking for wealthy individuals willing to assist in Joint Ventures with my borrowers.  You will agree to not circumvent or compete with my role as the Commercial Mortgage Broker and if you are comfortable to work with and not to demanding of my Borrowers and me then as a Team we can make money together.  I am not looking for competing brokers or lenders, I am looking for folks who have cash on hand of $500,000 or more.  I come across borrowers who don't want 100% financing and prefer 20 to 30% equity always be available in the property   

 1)JV Participant benefits from obtaining profits from end results of the project.

2)Our Company benefits from being the Commercial Mortgage Broker arranging the financing on behalf of my borrower.

3)Borrower benefits by finishing a project, or starting a project that could have been started a long time ago.

You the JV Participant should have liquid cash on hand.  We are not looking for folks who think they will have the cash on hand.  You shoul also be an experienced JV Participant.  As the JV Particpant you will be responsible for the legal agreement between yourself and my borrowers.  I will have a Broker Contract between my Corporation and my Borrower. Taking into account the fact that I will bring you projects ,As the JV Particpant you will agree to structure the deal so that I am at all times the Broker of Record.  Basically you will not in any way circumvent or damage my relation with my borrowers, and will simply certify that you are not a commercial mortgage broker/competitor.

The vast majority of these projects are commercial construction.

The borrowers are screened and will have an executive summary ready.

Not all lenders will require a business plan.

Some borrowers already own the land but need a JV Partner to pay for our Broker Fee, appraisal, engineering report and the basic office overhead that will allow them to professionally command the respect of all particpants.

JV Participants should have $100,000 to $500,000 cash available and MUST be comfortable with construction projects.

All these projects are REAL ESTATE based.  No funny inventions, MLM stuff or unsecured business projects.

As time goes on the projects will become larger but for now are in the $200,000 to $20 million range in terms of loan request.

Contact:Charles Hennebeul, Founder of American Cash Solutions Inc. 631-368-2219;

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