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San Antonio is the place to be now! It is growing rapidly with newer buildings and estates developing for both residence and commercial purposes. Alamo City is a typical example of real estate development in these areas. It’s a place with a great deal of potential for progress because it has some of the best available resources in the whole of America.

It is important to evaluate the various factors that have played the role of vital contributors for San Antonio’s progress. The place has a rich economic stratum. The presence of people from various economic groups is seen here. The financial status of the city too is vibrant. The other major contributors for San Antonio’s development are fine and extremely hospitable climate, great supply of cheap hands as well as skilled laborers, prosperous market, enriched hinterland with great demand, and comparatively low cost of living. Tesoro, Clear Channel Communications and AT&T have already set base in San Antonio. And there are various other big corporations that are planning big time to settle in here.

San Antonio is in Texas and has the second highest population (approximately 1,296,682 in ’06) in the state. It’s one of Texas’s most favorable tourist spot. The history of San Antonio points to the fact that the Spanish discoverer St. Anthony of Padua discovered the place around 1691. Some of the important attractions in and around the area are Alamo, St. Anthony of Padua, Zoo and Aquarium, Sea World and White Water Bay among various others. The place also boosts of an international airport which is of utmost importance for any city to develop. It also has accommodation for all economic needs from economic hotels to deluxe ones. For example, you can get accommodation for $100,000 to $500,000- and hence it is open for all sections of the society.

Along with tourism, defense too plays an important part in this place. There are important defense installations here which are strategically important for the country’s defense. It also gives the place a sense of importance. Some of these installations are Houston, Randolph, Brooks and Lackland Bases. The finance and health sectors too are growing quickly. The banking system is strong and health care facilities available for almost everyone here. San Antonio is also famous for its sports heritage. The sport bodies that make people crazy are the basketball group, ice hockey team, Rampage and Spurs are famous all across Texas.


The housing facilities available here are at least 30 percent lower than national rates. Thus, increasingly more investments are coming for San Antonio. The good news is that the place has the potential to growing still. So if you desire to shift here, do contact the estate managers available easily. So why waste your time over realtor’s Multiple Listing Service; contact the on-line equivalents in San Antonio. VIP Realty clients are entitled to premium property rates and great negotiation options by our San Antonio MLS. Come make San Antonio your home!

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