Real Estate Investment is a Business.... so stop thinking like a homebuyer!

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Real Estate Investment is a Business

Being a successful Real Estate investor in WNY (or anywhere for that matter) takes a lot of hard work.  You cannot achieve it by just showing up, with little money or effort.

I got a call from a potential WNY investor the other day from Texas.  They heard from a friend of a friend that they could make buckets of money investing in rental property in the city of Buffalo by the college.   They wanted to purchase a $10,000 home that nets them $500 a month after expenses.   They wanted me to provide them detailed analysis on all the homes available.   I get calls all the time from people with hopes of making lots of money with little effort or financial investment on their part.

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I am reminded of a recent post over on Seth Godin's Blog, one that he gave permission to reprint freely.   I think it is important reminder for those Investors that think that they can make a quick buck easily:

Read the rest of the article at:  If it seems too good to be true....

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