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Vancouver home mortgage and loan service is a 24/7 one-stop mortgage solution for home owners. If you are interested to find out more information on how best your can manage your mortgage and pay off your loan in 8 years or less. Follow this link to read how you can save thousands of dollars in mortgage interest payment.

The mortgage market in Canada is still evolving. There is a constant partnership-competitor conflict between Canadian Banks' and mortgage brokers for home owners. The Banks' retail banking operations are separate from their Broker Service mortgage business.

Home owners are using Mortgage Brokers for their personalized services and access to better mortgage rates!

Mortgage brokerage companies are at a disadvantage position for mortgage renewal business. Currently, over 80% of home owners renew their mortgages with the same lenders when their mortgages are due for renewal.
Some mortgage bankers are working closely with their mortgage brokers in retaining their book of business.

Mortgage Interest Savings

Any home owner can save tens of thousands of dollars in interest payment on their home mortgage. In recent years, Manulife One is the only mortgage plan being promoted to home owners on how they can accelerate repayment of their mortgages.

A new innovative mortgage program called Money Merge Account program is now available to home owners in the US and Canada. You can contact James Wong at Vancouver Home for more info on this program.

Customer For Life

Any experienced mortgage advisor will learn to develop their own market and source of business referrals. Mortgage is a commodity and home owners are sensitive to the rates being offered, and valued the service of a mortgage broker.

Your can see for yourself on the comparison here that the overall mortgage savings are affected much more on how the mortgage principal is repaid than the mortgage rates.

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