Building Your Mortgage Business

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Building your mortgage business required good planning. Working as a team helps greatly in building your mortgage business. Team efforts outperform individual efforts because in a team environment, special effort from team work results in higher productivity . Team members work together magnifying their personal energies and talents to deliver tangible results.

Team Incentive

Working as a team helps to leverage your time and income. The TMG team model allows you to recruit other mortgage brokers to join your team. As a team leader you are paid 10% on the commission earnings of team members you recruited.

Incorporating Money Merge Account Activities

TMG's team concept and United First Financial MMA business concept can help you build your business many times bigger than doing it on your own. A team member can provide a unique "customer for life" service to their customers using the money merge account system. Home mortgages are often multi-generational as the parents are involved in their grown-up working children's purchase of their homes.

A team can provide better service to their home owners when they are able to provide a comprehensive personalized mortgage service to their clients. If you are planning to join a mortgage team in Greater Vancouver, You may want to check out how you can expand your mortgage business by joining the Vancouver Home Mortgage team. 

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Jessica Lynn
International, IT

Good Planning: I completely agree. If you're constantly flusttered before. Start making sure that you have an organizational system in place. It's paramount for success.

Team Incentive: I don't work as a team but I've found having firm relationships with real estate agents has helped me grow my business. =) If you know the right people and have them work in  relation to you - you can have a lot of success.

I also used this site to increase my working knowledge of Mortgage Brokering: really helped me fill in the dots and pieces. =)

Nov 18, 2010 08:50 PM